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Snoring Problems

Do you or your partner suffer from snoring? Dr. Ka-Ron Wade may be able to help! Getting a good night's sleep may be just a dental visit away.

About 45% of adult men and 30% of adult women snore regularly – at least a few nights every week. Around 25% of adults are considered habitual snorers.

And the problem will not be rsolved anytime soon. It has a tendency to get worse with older age. Many people may find that they snore more if they have nasal congestion from allergies or a cold, if they use any alcohol or sedating medications, or if they have gain extra weight.

The Snore Guard® Stops Snoring
Preventing snoring is beneficial to your health and happiness, plus prevention is possible with dental snore guards from Snore Guard Houston dentist Dr. Ka-Ron Wade. Snoring can affect the quality of your sleep and of those around you. Consistently missing valuable rest is a risk factor for hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

Dr. Wade offers the Snore Guard® to Houston patients, a small oral appliance used during sleep to decrease snoring. It prevents the jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat and shutting off the air passage. Keeping the air passage open and unobstructed greatly decreases snoring. The Snore Guard® is safe and effective the first night.

- Ask your dentist for Snore Guard®.
- Accept no substitutes.
- Simple, comfortable, patented, easy to fit, ONE-PIECE design that really works.
- No multiple pieces, wires or elastic bands.

No outside lab work. Snore Guard® is fit at chair-side in 10-15 minutes.

Schedule a apponitment with the Dr. Wade today so you can get the sleep you deserve!

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